Friday, January 26, 2018

30 Day Anime Challenge - Saddest Anime Death

Clannad knows how to hurt me...

For the saddest anime scene, I chose a moment from Clannad: After Story, and if you thought that one anime couldn't hurt me anymore, you're wrong, because one of the saddest anime deaths is also from Clannad: After Story.

I think that if you've been following this challenge for since the beginning, I am sure you know that I'm going to reveal some spoilers from the anime that I mention. If you don't want any spoilers from Clannad: After Story and the head image hasn't revealed anything to you, then stop reading and watch the series. I suggest you start with Clannad and then Clannad: After Story just so you get hit with the full force of the feels.

So...Ushio dies. After Tomoya and Ushio are reunited and live with each other as father and daughter, Ushio starts to suffer from the same condition that plagued and killed her mother. Seeing Ushio try remain upbeat despite being ill and weak just to minimize her father's worry is heartbreaking alone. I knew what was going to happen but as the scene is drawn out the anticipation was killing me. Finally, Ushio collapses and quietly dies in her father's arms.

The entire Clannad series is probably one of the saddest anime, but watching the death of Ushio, even knowing what was going to happen, I was devastated. And then seeing the flashbacks of Ushio's smile and hanging out with her father just made it even worse. I don't think there are many anime that hurt me like Clannad: After Story.

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