Tuesday, January 23, 2018

30 Day Anime Challenge - Favorite Weapon Used In Anime

The scissor blade from Kill la Kill...and I even have my own!!

There are a lot of iconic and awesome weapons from anime, but I have to admit that I have a particular attraction to swords. Luckily, anime has a lot of swords and blades for me to choose from for this challenge. But like I've made it clear several times, Kill la Kill is one of my favorite anime series so I would be remiss to not name the scissor blade as my favorite anime weapon.

Besides being a cool looking sword, the scissor blade is made of hardened life fibers and it is the only weapon that is capable of severing the life fibers that make the super-powered goku uniforms. Even though it was the weapon that was used to kill her father, Ryuko Matoi wields a scissor blade as she cuts through the students of honnouji academy.

And I also have my own version of Ryuko's scissor blade that I got for Christmas from one of my best friends. Now that I have a scissor blade in arms reach just hanging out in the corner of my room, I can honestly say that it looks awesome and that it is my favorite weapon from all of the anime that I have scene at this point.

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