Wednesday, January 31, 2018

30 Day Anime Challenge - An Anime You Wished Had Never Ended

It is anything but ordinary...

I mentioned before how I can spend hours watching a comedy and that is because I can never get tired of laughing at the antics of wacky characters who remind me of my own group of friends. When a lot of anime series end I feel a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction if it is done right. I get the same feeling when a comedy series end, but I also feel a little disappointed that there are no more jokes to enjoy. That is why I wish Nichijou never ended.

Some of my favorite comedies include Azumanga Daioh, Daily Lives of High School Boys, Working!!, and Nichijou, so why did I choose Nichijou? I felt like I couldn't choose Azumanga Daioh because I technically didn't finish watching the series, so that wouldn't really be a fair pick. Daily Lives of High School Boys was a good series but it ended with the characters graduating from high school, so a series with High School in the title couldn't really continue. And I felt like the story that outlined the jokes and characters of Working!! came to an acceptable end.

That left Nichijou.

But Nichijou didn't get picked because there was a lack of competition or just out of pity. I wish Nichijou never ended because the characters and jokes were so powerful that I would actually burst out laughing. That's not something that happens a lot when I watch anime by myself.

Nichijou had some of the best and most memorable gags, and without beating the jokes to death, Nichijou would repeat gags just until they did everything possible with the gag. If you have not watched Nichijou, then I think you should definitely check it out for some of the most hilarious moments in anime.

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