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As much as I love watching anime, I love talking and writing about anime even more. This blog is an outlet where I can just rant and gush over my favorite anime series and be more active in the anime community.

Rather than write anime reviews, I instead choose to write anime recommendations since there are already so many AniBloggers who write fantastic reviews and analyses of series that my perspective really doesn't add much to the conversation. I am an overly positive fan boy who can always find the good in a series, so I decided that, as an AniBlogger, I would focus on just recommending some of my favorite anime to others.

However, I am interested in making more varied content and will every now and then write a post ranting about a trending topic in the anime community or give my thoughts on a new season of anime. Maybe I'll even write a review if I have an opinion that doesn't seem prevalent in the anime community.

If you want to know more about me, I guess I can share some basic info...

Name: You can call me AJ
Favorite Anime Series: Either Kill la Kill or Death Note (But probably Kill la Kill)
Favorite Genre: As much as I like action and suspense, I love comedies and anything with cute girls doing cute things.
Favorite Manga: Monster is really good stuff

You can also check out some of my social media pages (And follow me if you want).

Twitter: @Anointed_Geek
Instagram: @Anointed_Geek 
MyAnimeList: Anointed-Geek


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