Friday, March 8, 2019

Best Girl: Saki from Zombie Land Saga

She's the baddest zombie idol you've ever seen!

Two things that you're going to find in any idol anime: Cute girls (or boys in some cases) and good music. While Zombie Land Saga isn't a traditional idol anime, it does have some cute girls and some good music. I already wrote a post during the 12 Days of Anime highlighting Lily from the zombie idol group, Franchouchou, but today I want to put a spotlight on another best girl.

Saki Nikaidou is Number Two of Franchouchou and also the leader of the group. Before becoming a zombie idol, Saki was the leader of a biker gang called Dorami. When she recovers her memories as a zombie, Saki shows that she's tough, loud, and ready to kill anyone who she thinks is messing with her. But there's more to Saki than being a tough biker chick.

Saki is a girl who cares deeply about her friends and will do whatever it takes to protect them. When she thinks Lily is about to be kidnapped, Saki springs into action to knock out the supposed kidnapper who just turns out to be Lily's pappy. When Saki finds out that the daughter of her old biker girlfriend is in over her head against a rival gang, Saki steps in and saves the day.

And Saki isn't just there when punches need to be thrown or intense glares need to be exchanged. She's also got a soft side. When Ai is traumatized by a thunderstorm, Saki offers some comfort and a listening ear while Ai explains the circumstances behind her "legendary" death. And when Sakura is ready to give up on being an idol, Saki doesn't give up on Sakura.

While there are a lot of best girls who need to be protected, Saki is a best girl who does the protecting. Saki is a biker zombie idol with guts who you want to rally behind and cheer on as she rocks out in her quest to take over Saga and all of Japan.

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