Sunday, March 3, 2019

Why Don't I Write Reviews or Critique Anime?

Why aren't I more critical of the anime that I watch?

Part of the reason I became an aniblogger is because I spend a lot of time thinking about anime after watching any episode. When I think a lot about anime, I usually want to share those thoughts with others and while there isn't always someone around for me to word-vomit my thoughts onto, the internet is always available.

While I don't consider myself a critic and I have a high tolerance for "bad" anime, I am able to notice flaws in storytelling, awkward pacing, and poor animation. If I really wanted to, I could write a review about any of my favorite anime.

So why don't I do that? Why do I choose to highlight anime through "recommendations" instead of analyzing anime in reviews?

The main reason is because so many other anibloggers already write reviews. I'm not criticizing those anibloggers for writing reviews, I'm actually trying to do the opposite. More often than not, I read a review written by another aniblogger and I find myself agreeing with a lot of their points. 

Since I agree with so much of their posts, I don't want to regurgitate their words onto my own blog. I want to be able to say something on my blog that's original, or at least something that readers know can only come from my mind. If I notice something about an anime that no one seems to be addressing in their reviews, then I'll be compelled to write a review.

For now, I'm happy writing my recommendations and other related content. I tend to be a very positive person who can find the good in even the worst anime. That's why most of my blog posts can be summed up with, "I love this anime and you should too!"

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