Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Watching Anime with Friends

Gather some chairs, bring some snacks, and watch some anime with friends!

Watching anime is an experience and it should be an enjoyable one. It's a fun hobby, but it is not something that has to be done alone. I think that one way to make watching anime an even more fun experience is to watch anime with friends.

Part of the reason I like watching anime and writing about it is because of my love for the anime community. I like talking about some of my favorite anime with friends and suggesting to them some of my favorite series. I like going on Twitter and reading what others think about the latest episode of the most popular ongoing series. I like going to conventions and knowing that everyone understands the same references and shares the same anime memes.

But those specific experiences come after watching anime, which is something that I tend to do in solitude with a bottle of water and a bag of popcorn. I enjoy watching anime by myself and being able to decide on my own when I want to pause, rewind a scene, or just drop a series in the middle of an episode. But I do think there is a certain charm to watching anime with friends.

I love going over to a friend's house and gathering on a couch to watch the first episodes of a new season. I like being able to joke around and laugh with friends when a series proves to be stupid or just awful. I like going out with a friend for some fast food and finding a place to binge watch Hunter x Hunter. And I like sitting a friend down to introduce to them to some of my favorite shows.

I think it's a really special when I can sit down and watch anime with good friends. It becomes less about watching anime and more about bonding with people that I love. I guess it's kind of like sharing a meal together. It's more about talking, laughing, crying, and being together with friends.

Sure, it may not be for everyone and I know that I value the time I have to watch anime by my lonesome. I love watching anime, but that doesn't change the fact that I also love my friends and I love being able to indulge in anime with them. So if you haven't talked to your friends in awhile, maybe invite them over to watch some anime.

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