Friday, December 20, 2019

12 Days of Anime: Shamiko from The Demon Girl Next Door

Another adorable demon girl that stole my heart this year!

Just like Mao from Endro!, Shami--, I mean, Yuuko is pretty bad at being a demon girl, if not worse. Despite being cursed and thrust into a destiny where she has to murderize a magical girl, Yuuko ends up being indebted to a magical girl and regularly trains alongside her natural enemy. But that's okay!

Even though Shamiko is constantly being "tricked" into helping a magical girl and befriending her, Shamiko doesn't give up despite losing sight of her goal for a few brief moments. At the end of every lost battle, Shamiko quiveringly declares, "Don't think this means you've won!!", and is determined to challenge the magical girl some other day.

But it is probably important to note that Shamiko is a bit of a weakling and a coward...okay, maybe more than a bit. Even if she's on a mission to battle and destroy a magical girl, Shamiko is immediately intimidated and assumes that she's going to be chucked into outer space or vaporized in an instant. But that's part of what makes her an adorable demon girl.

Shamiko may be a huge failure when it comes to be an evil villainous, she succeeds at being a good friend. Sure, that may have nothing to do with her primary goal, but it's what makes her character so endearing. She's enthusiastic and (eventually) does her best at whatever task she's given, so when it comes to helping those in need, even magical girls, she's the best friend anyone could ask for.

If Mao wasn't enough to fulfill your need of cute anime demon girls, check out Shamiko, I mean, Yuuko, from The Demon Girl Next Door

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