Saturday, December 14, 2019

12 Days of Anime: Emma from The Promised Neverland

She won't give up on her family! No matter what!

Emma was probably one of my favorite characters from anime this year, and probably one of my favorite fictional characters of all time! But what is it about Emma that made her stand out among the hundreds of anime characters that came on the scene this year? Was it her plucky attitude and A+ smile? Was it her optimism and ahoge that just won't quit? Or was it something more?

The answer: Definitely something more!

Like many protagonists in horror stories, Emma is desperate to escape the clutches of a monster and avoid a grisly fate. However, there is a lot that makes Emma unique among heroes in the horror genre. The most obvious thing is that Emma is a child. Sure, she's a genius and mature for her age, but she's still a child with childlike desires and dreams. She just really wants to ride a giraffe.

Despite being a child though, Emma is forced into a situation where she has to fight and (maybe) survive, or submit and definitely perish. Being a hero, Emma fights for her life, but also for the lives of the brothers and sisters that she's grown up with at Grace Field House. But unlike a lot of other shounen heroes, Emma relies more on her mind than her athletic ability, though she is plenty fast and strong.

Even though there are huge obstacles that stand in her way, and sacrifice seems inevitable, Emma refuses to compromise her ideals and promises to save everyone. She has a large heart and is stubborn enough that she will do everything in her power to protect those that she loves. While that does sound foolish, it just means that Emma has to think harder and far outside the box in order to realize her dreams.

It is for that determination and love for her family that made me fall in love with Emma and made her one of my favorite characters from this year. If you still haven't watched The Promised Neverland, I ask that you check it out for Emma. Maybe watch it on Christmas day. It sure is an anime for the whole family.

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