Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Why You Should Read "Green Lantern: Brightest Day"

The New Guardians fly again!!

Like with "Blackest Night", Green Lantern has a lot to deal with because of the events in "Brightest Day". Yes, after having to protect the entire universe from Nekron, Black Hand, and their army of Black Lanterns, a new and mysterious threat has appeared and seeks to destroy the Green Lantern Corps and the Guardians of the Universe.

This new threat is hidden beneath a ragged cloaks and covered in bandages with chains around his ankles. He has avoided attention for years, but he is about to makes his move against the Guardians of the Universe by seeking out and capturing the Entities, cosmic beings that embody the emotions that all beings feel.

There is Ion, the entity of willpower; Parallax, the entity of fear; the Butcher, the entity of rage; Ophidian, the entity of avarice; Adara, the entity of hope; Proselyte, the entity of compassion; and the Predator, the entity of love.

On earth, Hal Jordan, along with Sinestro and Carol Ferris, the Star Sapphire, are told by a mysterious white lantern power battery (Read "Brightest Day" if you have no idea what I'm talking about) that they have to find the entities before this new threat finds them and uses them for his own nefarious scheme.

Green Lantern begins the search for the entities and the people that they have possessed, and is joined not just by Sinestro and Star Sapphire, but also Atrocitus, Larfleeze, Indigo-1, and Saint Walker. Knowing the damage the entities are capable of, Hal Jordan joins forces with people who are enemies or barely friends, over the Justice League.

"Green Lantern: Brightest Day" is not just about Lanterns and ring-slingers, since several other DC favorites also jump in every now and again. There's Lobo, the intergalactic bounty hunter; the Flash, the fastest man alive; the Spectre, the spirit of vengeance; and Hector Hammond, the...guy with a really big head.

I think that I actually like "Green Lantern: Brightest Day" over "Brightest Day", and that's just because I love ring-slingers and Green Lantern. I really like all of the fun characters and their humor and human personalities are very refreshing in this dramatic story. On another note, not only does this storyline conclude the events of "Blackest Night" but also prelude the next storyline, "War of the Green Lanterns".

Doug Mahnke does the art for this storyline and I consider him to be one of my favorite Green Lantern artists. I especially like his Atrocitus design and of the entities, I especially like the Predator. I also really like how every page looks like a rainbow was just thrown up onto the page. There are a lot of colors in this story!

If you like Green Lantern or if you already read "Blackest Night" or "Brightest Day", then this is a good storyline to pickup and read. New fans might get a little confused by all of the lore that is brought up in "Green Lantern: Brightest Day", but if they read "Blackest Night" and "Brightest Day" they should be fine.

ISSUES: Green Lantern #53-62 (2010-2011)
-Tons of action.
-Lots of great characters.
-A really fun adventure.
-You need to know the history of Green Lantern.
-You might have to read "Brightest Day" too.

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