Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Anointed Geek Update!! (August 15, 2017)

I'm getting ready for school!!

I actually wasn't planning on making an update post so soon, but I wouldn't just make a random announcement if it wasn't important to the blog.

So, I've been writing posts for Anointed Geek since the beginning of the summer meaning that I have had a lot of time to write posts and come up with ideas for articles since I had plenty of free time. However, school is coming up meaning that I won't have the same amount of free time as I did throughout the summer because of classes and part-time jobs.

I mentioned in my previous update post that I would probably go from posting three articles per week to about two articles per week. I really thought that two posts per week was a realistic goal but after looking at my schedule, I think that I am only going to have enough time to make one post per week.

I'm disappointed that I will only have enough time to  write one post per week, especially after all the progress I've made since I started created the Anointed Geek. However, since I am only going to write one post per week, that means that I will have a little more time to come up with ideas and be able to write better posts in general. 

I will make sure that my recommendation and review posts will be more in depth and include more criticism. I will also continue to write more diverse content like my character spotlights and rants. Depending on how many more readers I get on a weekly basis, I may even start writing posts that ask for some responses and involvement from readers.

Hopefully Anointed Geek continues to reach new readers. Every week, the blog continues to find new readers and I can only hope that Anointed Geek becomes a major part of the community. 

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