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The Green & The Gold

Issue: The Brave and the Bold #30 (2010)

Destiny vs Free Will! 

Philosophers, theologians, and other great minds have often pondered and argued about  which controls our lives and the universe.

That discussion has also been the subject of many comic books, especially in this one that I have chosen to share with you all.

PC: Andrew James Rocha
Throughout the history of DC Comics, "The Brave and the Bold" title has been used as a platform to team-up two or more characters or teams that might not normally work together. I really wanted to find a "Brave and the Bold" story for this blog since I really wanted to  not only introduce new readers to another Green Lantern story, but also introduce another unique character from the DC universe. Fortunately, I found "The Green & The Gold", featuring Green Lantern and Doctor Fate.

Who is Doctor Fate? In the DC universe, Doctor Fate is a powerful sorcerer and an agent of the Lords of Order. Armed with various magical weapons, including the Helmet of Nabu, Doctor Fate battles against the forces of Chaos. Like Green Lantern, there are many characters who have taken on the name of Doctor Fate, and in this story that I plan to discuss the Doctor Fate in question is the Golden Age Doctor Fate, Kent Nelson.

Starting at the end of and old Justice League story, Doctor Fate questions the meaning of his life and his purpose after witnessing the Lords of Order kill one of their other agents. Doctor Fate wants to seek out his future; Doctor Fate wants to know his fate. After briefly talking to a concerned Green Lantern, Doctor Fate hides a piece of his soul into Green Lanterns ring.

Fast forward to years later, that piece of Doctor Fate's appears before a, now injured, Green Lantern. Green Lantern informs this Doctor Fate that in this current time, Kent Nelson, is dead. Doctor Fate shows little emotion but is obviously disheartened to receive this news. Doctor Fate informs Green Lantern that this piece of his soul will assist the battle-damaged Green Lantern and then return to his whole self in the past.

Green Lantern asks Doctor Fate, who now knows his future, can alter the past and save himself from death. Doctor Fate refuses, since that would be challenging his destiny. Green Lantern argues that his "destiny" is determined by his own free will. The rest of the story is a discussion about predestination vs free will.

There is a lot that I like about this story. For one thing, this is not a cliche superhero story with huge battles and intense displays of superpowers. No, this story is more of clash between the ideals of two friends, both stubborn in their beliefs with great concern for the safety and well-being of the other.

This story is also not really a Green Lantern story, which might disappoint some readers. However, this is a Doctor Fate story that might introduce some readers to a whole other side of the DC universe.

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