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Green Lantern: Rebirth

Issues: Green Lantern: Rebirth #1-6 (2004-2005)


After publishing my last post about "Emerald Twilight", I realized that I have an excuse to write about my first Green Lantern comic book storyline, "Green Lantern: Rebirth"! Or, the story that threw me into the world of comic books and superheroes.
PC: Andrew James Rocha
"Emerald Twilight" marked the end of Hal Jordan's life as a Green Lantern. Hal Jordan's rampage resulted in the destruction of the Green Lantern Corps and led to an event that threatened the entire DC universe known as "Zero Hour" which ended in the death of Hal Jordan and the monster he became, Parallax.

After Hal Jordan destroyed the once great Green Lantern Corps, Kyle Rayner was the only living Green Lantern and, more-or-less, had to rebuild the Corps. Meanwhile, Hal Jordan's spirit became possessed by the fallen angel known as the Spectre, God's spirit of vengeance. And that is where "Rebirth" begins.

Kyle Rayner crash lands on Earth in a space ship, transporting the body of Hal Jordan. Hal's spirit is resistant to the Spectre, whose methods of exacting revenge are disturbing to Hal. While Hal is in a spiritual battle with the Spectre, he is also fighting against his previous persona of Parallax. On top of that, the stoic Green Lantern John Stewart is starting to lash out with anger and fear and ex-Green Lantern Guy Gardner's body explodes and heals in a contorted fashion. And if that is not enough, the Justice League, specifically Batman, believes Hal Jordan is the cause behind all of this. 

If "Secret Origin" is the story of Hal Jordan's rise, and "Emerald Twilight" is the story of Hal Jordan's fall, then "Rebirth" is exactly as the title says: Hal Jordan's rebirth. 

Not only was "Rebirth" reintroducing Hal Jordan into the DC universe, this was also the beginning of Geoff Johns' incredible run on the "Green Lantern" title that lasted almost ten years. If you haven't noticed by any previous posts, Geoff Johns is one of my favorite comic book writers, and I will read any story if it has his name attached to it.

Ethan Van Sciver, the artist, also does a phenomenal job in this storyline. One thing that I love especially about Ethan Van Sciver's art in "Rebirth" is how he draws Batman. While the Green Lanterns are bright and heroic, Batman is like a shadow and his features only really show when the light of a Green Lantern shines on him.

I would recommend "Rebirth" for any reader or fan that is new to the Green Lantern mythos. This is how I started and I think that this is the perfect place for anyone else to start their adventure in the world of light and power rings.

 Writing   Art   Character Development   Overall Enjoyment 
9  9 9 10

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