Monday, March 18, 2019

You Need To Check Out Virtual YouTubers!!

Can't decide between watching anime or YouTube videos? Why not both?

If I'm not watching or writing about anime, I'm probably watching something on YouTube. If I need to laugh, I'll look through YouTube for some memes or watch one of my favorite Let's Players. If I need some music while I'm doing chores, almost all of my favorite artists and soundtracks are somewhere on YouTube.

For awhile now, I've been spending a lot of my free time watching videos featuring Virtual YouTubers or VTubers. If you're a part of the anime community you've probably seen a video or a meme about one of the most popular VTubers, Kizuna Ai.

Kizuna Ai claims to be a super intelligent artificial intelligence that is interested in learning about human beings through YouTube and the internet. In her videos, Kizuna Ai plays video games, comments on popular trends, brags about being a super intelligent AI, and even collaborates with other popular YouTubers.

While a lot of VTubers create a lot of the same content, each have their own style and personality that set them apart from each other. Kaguya Luna is loud and obnoxious, Nekomiya Hinata is a catgirl who plays a lot of battle royale games, and Mirai Akari is energetic and tends to make dirty jokes. Though current favorite is HimeHina, a duo of VTubers Hime Tanaka and Hina Suzuki. 

Not only are HimeHina twice the moe, but instead of just being alone talking to an unseen audience, the two virtual girls are playing games together and have a hilarious rapport. I also think that their content is a little more original among other VTubers, making fun music videos and taking the role of crime-fighting detectives while playing PUBG.

Even though I'm a big fan of VTubers and willing to sing their praises all day long, I'm sure they won't appeal to everyone. Part of the appeal of VTubers is that they rely on being cute and most of their humor is based on the fact that they're anime character just acting goofy. This means that the gags can get a little old or repetitive and those who don't care for cute anime might find VTubers to be boring.

But as a fan of VTubers, I think they're still a facet of the anime community that deserves to be checked out. The reason I've decided to highlight VTubers is because they're becoming so much more prevalent in the anime community. Not only are they brought up during discussions of moe, they're even stars in popular anime. Last year, Kizuna Ai was a voice actress in Magical Girl Site, and currently airing there is Virtual-san Looking is an anime all about VTubers.

So if you haven't already, I think you need to hop on YouTube and look up some of these virtual girls. If you're a fan of cute girls doing cute things, I'm sure you'll find a favorite VTuber. And if you're already a subscriber to VTubers, let me know about your favorites.

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