Friday, March 15, 2019

Anime Recommendation: Turning Girls

Just an anime about a group of girls at a turning point in their lives...

Among Studio Trigger's more popular anime like Kill la Kill and Inferno Cop, there is an ONA called Turning Girls. While it doesn't go to the farthest corners of the universe like Space Patrol Luluco and doesn't have a crazy plot twist like Darling in the Franxx, Turning Girls is still an entertaining and goofy slice of life comedy.

Turning Girls is about four girls in their 20's who work together at an office and they face little battles throughout their days. There is Kaeru, a wannabe idol who can go above and beyond obnoxious; Kai, a band girl who is quiet and doesn't have much presence until she does to a concert where she's something of a dark queen; Nana, a bit of a ditz who doesn't realize how her actions make trouble for those around her; and Chiwa, a closet fujoshi who fantasizes about and ships all the men around her.

Each episode of the ONA focuses on a different girl in a different situation. For example, the first episode is about the girls together on a group data that Kaeru completely ruins with her idol persona. There are never any obstacles that the characters need to overcome, nor any goals that they need to achieve. The series is just focused on showcasing the absurdity and quirks of the main cast.

Turning Girls is perhaps the most grounded series from Studio Trigger, but is just as uniquely absurd as their other anime. Like Inferno Cop, the animation is very limited and mainly consists of character models being dragged along the screen, occasionally shifting between different expressions. But being a slice of life series, the animation wasn't a hindrance to the short stories nor does it spoil the comedy.

If you're a fan of slice of life comedy or you just love all things Studio Trigger, I think you won't be disappointed by Turning Girls. If you're looking for something short that doesn't require much of a time investment, you can't go wrong with Turning Girls

If you've already watched Turning Girls, let me know what you thought about it. Also feel free to suggest to me any other slice of life comedies or anime about 20 year olds figuring out their lives.

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