Friday, July 7, 2017

Why You Should Watch "FLCL"

Things get pretty weird...

Just last weekend, a trailer was released for the second and third season of FLCL, an anime with a cult following because of its weird plot and strange characters. As I am writing this post, I'm having trouble figuring out how to describe FLCL.

To be honest, no matter who clearly I describe FLCL, anyone who watches it for the first time will probably still end up confused. This is a series that requires about two to three views to truly appreciate and understand, which isn't too difficult since there are only six episodes.

Let me try and see if I can summarize the plot without confusing anyone, especially new fans. FLCL is about the adventures of Naoto Nandaba, a sixth grade boy, who meets Haruko Haruhara, a young woman who claims to be an alien.

After Haruko hits Naoto with her scooter and bass guitar, Naoto grows a horn on his forehead that turns into a robot named Canti. Naoto's ordinary life is thrown into a crazy world of aliens, mechas, and bushy eyebrows.

Like many great stories, FLCL is either random craziness or full of metaphors and deep meaning. It can be seen as a coming-of-age tale with Naoto realizing that he is not ready to grow up, or FLCL is just a fun adventure full of robot and alien fights.

Along with Naoto and Haruko, FLCL is also about Mamimi Samejima, Naoto's older brother's ex-girlfriend who often seems in a daze but free, and Eri Ninamori, one of Naoto's classmates who is too mature for her age.

Besides having a strange plot and some memorable Gainax animation, FLCL also has an awesome soundtrack by the Pillows. If you watch FLCL and can't follow along with the story, you can probably enjoy the series as a compilation of music videos.

If you want proof that anime is weird, but aren't ready to get into some really weird stuff, FLCL is a good choice, especially if you also want a (possibly) deep story with cool animation and awesome music. If you're not familiar with anime at all, or don't have the time to really analyze a show, FLCL should probably be put off for another time.

AIRED:  April 26, 2000 - March 16, 2001
 Writing   Animation   Character Development   Overall Enjoyment 
8  10 8 9

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