Monday, July 24, 2017

Why You Should Read "Infinity Gauntlet"

What happens when evil gains the power to control the universe?

San Diego Comic Con has come to an end and though there were several announcements about comic books and movies that are going to have fans talking for weeks, fans have been hyped for Avengers: Infinity War and the arrival of Thanos since 2012's Avengers.

Avengers: Infinity War, like many other superhero movies, is going to be based off of popular comic book storylines. In this case, the movie will be taking influence from the comic book storyline "Infinity War" which is part of a trilogy of events involving a cosmic artifact called the Infinity Gaunlet. 

Instead of talking about the "Infinity War" storyline, I've decided to talk about the first story in that trilogy of comic book events, "Infinity Gauntlet". The story is a six-part epic involving Marvel's greatest heroes, most powerful cosmic beings, and one of the most evil villains in the history of comic books.

Thanos is a nihilist who is literally in love with Death. Thanos will do everything and anything to prove his adoration of Death, even though she treats him with silence and coldness. Using the Infinity Gauntlet, an item that is capable of manipulating all of time, space, and reality, Thanos eliminates half of all life throughout the universe as a gift to Death.

On earth, Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, and the Avengers, scramble to save people from the effects of Thanos' actions and are told about Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet by cosmic wanderers the Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock. 

Though earth's mightiest heroes have saved the world from countless threats before, including Thanos, they are not enough for his madness this time. They must also join forces with the villainous Dr. Doom and some of the most powerful cosmic beings in the universe.

"Infinity Gauntlet" is a huge battle of cosmic proportions. While he has written other kinds of stories, I think that Jim Starlin is a master of writing cosmic adventures with ridiculously high stakes. My only problem with the writing is that there is a constantly changing narrator with very subtle indications that the narrator changed, and then it is difficult to figure out if the narrator is a character or just a disembodied voice.

If you are a new comic book fan, I think that this is a good story to read if you're okay with being confused a couple times when characters talk about previous events and obscure characters. But with Avengers: Infinity War coming out next year, I think that "Infinity Gauntlet" is more than worth it.

ISSUES: The Infinity Gauntlet #1-6 (1991)

- Epic cosmic goodness. 
- A truly evil and ruthless villain.
- Several memorable moments.
- Constantly changing narrator.

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