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Why You Should Read "Pool-Pocalypse Now"

They fight for justice, life, and chimichangas!!

The Avengers are the earth's mightiest heroes, the Fantastic Four explore the cosmos, and the X-Men defend mutantkind. The Deadpool Corps fight the bad guys that no one else can be bothered to fight.

Deadpool is a pop culture symbol and adored by comic book fans all around the world and I have not really heard of any fans who really hate the character. So if one Deadpool is popular, a team of Deadpools must be the greatest superhero team to ever exist, right? Well, they might not be as popular as other Marvel superhero teams, the Deadpool Corps is still a very...interesting team and the entire Deadpool Corps series is very entertaining.

But, who are the Deadpool Corps? They are a team of Deadpools from across the multiverse, brought together by the Merc with a Mouth that most fans know and love, Wade Wilson. There is Lady Deadpool, Wanda Wilson, who comes from a world at war. There is also Dogpool, a dog with a Deadpool mask; Headpool, who comes from the Marvel Zombies Universe; and Kidpool, a young Wade with laser swords that look a lot like lightsabers.

"Pool-Pacalypse Now" is the first story in the series and is the Deadpool Corps' first mission as a team. Brought together by the Elders of the Universe, the Deadpool Corps are tasked with stopping a cosmic threat to the entire universe, a being known as the Awareness. This being can absorb the consciousness alien races and make them into a zombie army. Only a team of mercenaries with scattered minds stand a chance against the Awareness.

However, not all of the Elders of the Universe trust the untrustworthy and unstable Deadpool Corps. One of the Elders, the Grandmaster, believes that another champion can defeat the Awareness, specifically his brother, the Champion. Though the Champion is strong and intimidating, his ego and hotheaded nature make him the butt of the Deadpool Corps' jokes.

For anyone who likes the sense of humor that is common in Deadpool stories, this is a must read. Writer Victor Gischler nails almost every joke with classic Deadpool pop culture references and dumb jokes. The overall plot isn't too interesting since it's kinda obvious that the Awareness isn't as dangerous a threat to the entire Marvel Universe as Galactus or Thanos, but fans read the story for Deadpool, not the actual plot.

Rob Liefeld, the co-creator of Deadpool provides the art for "Pool-Pacalypse Now" and I think he's a good Deadpool artist. However, his designs for other side characters aren't very creative and there is a lack of background in some panels and pages. But like I said before, fans read this story for Deadpool, the art isn't the big draw.

If you're even a little familiar with Deadpool, this is a good story to read. If you're not familiar with Deadpool at all, then "Pool-Pacalypse Now" and the entire Deadpool Corps series is good to read with plenty of jokes to keep you entertained.

ISSUES: Deadpool Corps #1-5 (2010)

-More Deadpool than you'll know what to do with!
-A dog deadpool
-Action! Humor! Deadpool!
-The art and character designs can be a bit meh

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