Monday, August 7, 2017

Why You Should Read "Mugger's Picnic"

The Punisher goes hunting...

The Punisher is a much different character than most superheroes. He doesn't fight global threats like the Avengers or SHIELD, he doesn't chase after gimmicky bank robbers like Spider-Man, and he doesn't pummel gangsters like Daredevil. 

The Punisher hunts the worst criminals and makes sure that they will never hurt anyone again. He doesn't play games with bad guys to see who is the strongest or most clever, and he doesn't deliver bad guys to the police with a nice little bow, the Punisher uses his military training and all the tools at his disposal to wage a literal war on crime.

What I like about "Mugger's Picnic" is that even though it is part of a larger story arc involving the Punisher and crime boss, Roaslie Carbone, "Mugger's Picnic" is one of those comic book stories you can just pick up, knowing next to nothing about the characters, and enjoy.

Recovering from injuries he sustained from fighting the Carbone crime family, the Punisher "relaxes" by going on a hunting trip. However, the Punisher doesn't hunt like most sportsmen. He goes to New York's Central Park late at night and hunts down the most depraved and viscous criminals that he can find.

This is a story that really shows the kind of character the Punisher is within the Marvel Universe and really sets him apart from the other costumed heroes. The Punisher is brutal and unforgiving, and that's because the people he confronts aren't super villains with plans for world domination. The Punisher faces off against rapists, kidnappers, drug dealers, and murderers, who are so depraved, they are just animals. Which is why the Punisher is the man to hunt them. 

"Mugger's Picnic" also includes some great John Romita Jr. art, and I really enjoy his design of the Punisher. Romita's art is kinda blocky with a lot of hard edges, thick muscles, and square jawlines, and I think that style is perfect for a no-nonsense action hero like the Punisher.

If you've never heard of the Punisher, then "Mugger's Picnic" is a perfect place to start. I'll admit that I don't own a lot of Punisher comics and I haven't read as many Punisher stories as I have other Marvel characters like Daredevil and Spider-Man, but this one is definitely one of my favorite comic book stories.

ISSUE: Punisher: War Zone #7 (1992)

-A good introduction to the Punisher.
-Great John Romita Jr. art.
-Not much to complain about.
-It could use some more conflict.

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