Monday, March 27, 2017

Why You Should Read "Agent Orange"



What would you do if that is the only word you heard coming from the inside of a swampy cave?
PC: Andrew James Rocha
"Agent Orange" takes place directly after the events of "Rage of the Red Lanterns", and like that story, "Agent Orange" introduces a new power ring and a wielder of the weapon. This new character is Larfleeze, also known as Agent Orange, because of his orange power ring that harnesses the power of Avarice.

After a group of intergalactic villains called the Controllers stumble upon Larfleeze's home on the planet Okaara, Larfleeze kills the Green Lantern and claims that the Guardians of the Universe have broken an ancient agreement. Larfleeze threatens the Guardians who decide to lead an assault on Larfleeze with some of their Green Lanterns, including Hal Jordan, who is armed not only with his green power ring, but with a blue lantern ring.

"Agent Orange" is about Larfleeze's conflict with the Green Lantern Corps, his new hunger for a blue power ring, and the secret and corrupt history of the Guardians of the Universe. 

Larfleeze is a villain that makes this story really enjoyable because he is not just evil, but ridiculous. Larfleeze's orange lantern and ring have corrupted Larfleeze and made him hungry for everything and just stupidly greedy. He is one of those character who can be scary one moment and hilarious in the next.

This is also a storyline that is building up to "Blackest Night" which I plan on writing about sometime very soon. Fans who are just looking for a story to read and put away when they finish should not read "Agent Orange" because you will want to read more after this. Readers should also probably read some of the other storylines that I suggested previously in order to fully appreciate "Agent Orange"

On another note, "Agent Orange" is a really good comic storyline for readers who like really unique comic book art. Philip Tan is a brilliant comic artist and each page is just beautiful, and in some cases, beautifully disgusting. Read it and you'll never let the comic books go, whispering, "Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine..."

 Writing   Art   Character Development   Overall Enjoyment 
8  10 7 9

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