Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Why You Should Read "Branded"

Issues: Green Lantern #9 (2006)

It is not an inaccurate statement to say that Green Lantern is one of the coolest characters in the DC universe. HOWEVER, it is an understatement to say that Batman is the coolest character in the DC universe and beyond! 
PC: Andrew James Rocha
Batman has a history of being paranoid, which is why he would not be ready to welcome Hal Jordan back with open arms after "Rebirth". So, how is Hal Jordan going to regain the trust of his old Justice League pal? If you wanna know that, you're going to have to read "Branded".

The story is nothing extraordinary: Green Lantern teams up with Batman to catch a super-powered serial killer, the Tattooed Man. 

Even though the story does tie into other Green Lantern storylines, readers do not necessarily have to read those stories to enjoy "Branded". You do not even have to have read "Rebirth" to understand the tension between Batman and Green Lantern, all you have to know is what both characters represent. 

While Green Lantern is a intergalactic cop with a power ring fueled by willpower, Batman is a masked vigilante with an array of gadgets and fighting skills. These characters seem far from being friends. What Green Lantern and Batman have in common is that both had to deal with tragedy as children, and that shared pain brings them together.

If the story is not appealing, then maybe Ethan Van Sciver's gorgeous art will convince fans to read "Branded". And if just the visuals aren't enough, maybe seeing Batman wield a Green Lantern ring will be convincing? Without a doubt, "Branded" is one of the best stories about a Green Lantern & Batman team-up.

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