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Why You Should Read "Rage of the Red Lanterns"

Issues: Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns #1 (2008), Green Lantern # 36-38 (2008-2009)

"With blood and rage of crimson RED,
Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead,
Together with our hellish HATE,
We'll burn you all,
That is your FATE!"
PC: Andrew James Rocha
That is the oath of the Red Lantern Corps. Green Lanterns are powered by will and the Sinestro Corps is powered by fear. But, the Red Lanterns, they get their power from intense and unforgiving rage.

"Rage of the Red Lanterns" introduces this mindless army and brings Green Lantern closer and closer to the inevitable "Blackest Night". Fans who read the stoyline, Green Lantern: Secret Origin, should already be somewhat familiar with the leader of the Red Lanterns, Artocitus. He was alien who murdered Abin Sur and was the first criminal that Hal Jordan brought to justice. Now, Artocitus is ready to make his move against the Guardians of the Universe and their Green Lantern Corps.

Not only does "Rage of the Red Lanterns" serve as a story that builds up to the much larger story, "Blackest Night", but it also shines a light on many of the secrets that have been mentioned in previous stories. Are the Guardians of the Universe, the just protectors that they want others to believe they are, or are they as devious and sinister as Artocitus believes? The answers can be found in "Rage of the Red Lanterns".

Like how the "Sinestro Corps War" showed Green Lanterns struggling and overcoming their fears, "Rage of the Red Lanterns" shows Green Lanterns battling with their own feelings of confusion and anger. Laira is one of those Green Lanterns. 

Laira is one of the best warriors in the Green Lantern Corps and is one of several Green Lanterns who was left for dead by Hal Jordan during the storyline, Emerald Twilight. Laira has not forgiven Hal Jordan for his actions and she is also pushed further toward hate after the death of her instructor and fellow Green Lantern, Ke'haan, during the Sinestro Corps War.

As dark and grim as this story can be, their is still hope in the appearance of the Blue Lanterns. Blue Lanterns are not powered by Fear and Rage, but instead powered by Hope, and it is only the ring of a Blue Lantern that can overcome the powers of Rage and Fear.

This story might not be the best for a new reader to enter the mythos of Green Lantern. There are some back stories and characters that readers will have to understand in order to fully appreciate "Rage of the Red Lanterns". However, if readers have read the stories that I have previously suggested, then this is a definite must read.

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