Friday, July 21, 2017

Anointed Geek Update!! (July 21, 2017)

New Content! Change is coming to Anointed Geek!

I have been producing and managing content on this blog since the beginning of summer, and though I'm not getting thousands of views or hundreds of likes on social media, I am still proud of the small impact that Anointed Geek is making on the internet and in the geek community.

But as the summer drags on and gets closer to fall, I have to start thinking about the kind of content I am going to produce and how I am going to find the time to produce it when I go back to school. I don't want to stop writing posts and I don't want to let Anointed Geek fall into obscurity before it has the chance to become something big.

So, here is what I plan on doing!

When I go back to school in August, I will still be posting articles and recommendations every week, but I won't be doing it three times a week like I am doing now. I will probably only post two recommendations blog a week or just one really long rant post.

That's another thing I plan on doing: writing rants and other types of articles besides recommendations and reviews. Some readers know that I tend to write long articles and rants about the geek community and popular culture on the Odyssey Online, but I have decided to leave Odyssey and spend most of my writing here on Anointed Geek.

Since I've started this blog, I realized that I would have to produce a variety of content so that I don't get bored with Anointed Geek and so that I don't bore any readers. However, I have to be careful with the kind of content I produce, otherwise I could end up producing so much unrelated posts and articles that Anointed Geek will become just a mess.

Just to recap, I plan to continue doing comic book and anime recommendations and reviews, but I will also start writing other articles and rants relating to geek culture. Next week, I will be coming out with an Infinity Gauntlet and Forever Evil recommendation, followed by an article about the best fight scenes in superhero movies.

I hope you're all enjoying the content that I have come out with so far and I hope you continue to follow me into the future!

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