Saturday, November 28, 2020

Falling in Love with Comic Books (Again)

Before anime, I was obsessed with comic book superheroes...

It's been awhile since I've written anything about anime. I haven't published anything on this blog since February. But that doesn't mean that I haven't been itching to get back into writing and blogging for a awhile, in fact I've been bouncing around several ideas for blog posts in my head, waiting for just the right time to return.

But I couldn't figure out what "the right time" would be, so I decided that I'd just throw something out there and hope it'd get the blogging ball rolling. Unfortunately, I have not really been watching anime for awhile now and in order to write about anime, I have to watch some anime. So if I haven't been watching any anime, just what am I supposed to write about?

Well, I haven't had time to watch anime, but I have been spending a lot of my free time indulging in an old passion, and that would be superhero comic books. As a little kid, I grew up watching cartoons like Justice League and Batman Beyond, and movies like Spider-Man and Hulk, and eventually that love for costumed characters led me to the source of those stories: comic books.

Like a lot of geeks, I felt such a sense of awe and amazement when I first discovered the world of comic book superheroes. Sure, I knew about characters like Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman, but Captain Marvel, Daredevil, and the Green Lantern were so new to me, and with every new character it was like being introduced to another mysterious and wonderful world.

Throughout high school, I would pick up comic book omnibuses from the library and every other week, I'd get new issues of Green Lantern Corps or Batman and Robin from my local comic book store. And no matter how much of this culture that I consumed, there was plenty more to discover and discuss.

By the time I got to college, I didn't have much time to read comic books, probably because I had plenty of reading material to go through for classes and assignments. However, my love of superheroes didn't diminish since almost every year there was a superhero movie making millions of dollars, but this probably isn't news to anyone. It was also during college, that I started watching anime and a new passion was born. 

I was so in love with anime that I decided to contribute to this community by writing content on this blog about popular anime and related topics. For over a year, I was writing posts on a regular basis. At least, I was until I got a full-time job and it became harder to figure out when I'd have time to write, especially with such a sporadic schedule. And then when I wanted to write about anime, I couldn't figure out what anime to write about since I didn't even have time to watch anything.

And that's when I fell back into the world of comic books and superheroes. With anime, I have to sit down for a good chunk of time and pay attention in order to enjoy the story and animation, meaning that if I had to get up and work or anything besides sitting and watching, I'd miss out on something or just ruin the experience. But with comic books, I was able to read at my own pace and if anything interrupted my reading, my experience wouldn't really be tarnished. 

Then with apps like Marvel Unlimited and DC Universe, I could even bring along my comic books to work. And not only that, but I pretty much had an unlimited supply of content to read and enjoy in my free time. I could enjoy some of my favorite stories and series like Batman: Dark Victory and Ultimate Spider-Man, or I could find new favorites like Ms. Marvel and Green Lanterns. It's honestly fantastic.

I just love these stories and characters that I had to talk about it. And because we're still dealing with Covid-19, there are only so many people that I can talk to, so writing makes it easier. So going forward, I do want to regularly write more content for this blog, and it just won't be anime content, but also thoughts on comic books stories and other geeky subjects. Afterall, I am the anointed geek!

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