Thursday, December 19, 2019

12 Days of Anime: Ao from Ao-chan Can't Study

She just wants to focus on her exams...

I guess you can say that I have a type when it comes to anime girls...well, I have several types. Obviously, I love cute anime girls but I especially like cute anime girls that get all flustered and goofy when it comes to things like love and feelings. Ao is definitely one of those kind of anime girls.

When a guy shows her affection, Ao can't help but think that he must of some kind of lewd intentions and then she just can't stop thinking about sex even if it's something that she hates. Though for a girl who hates all things lewd, she does have a very active imagination. And behind her tsundere facade, Ao is a girl that does want attention and affection, at least from the one boy that she likes. She even gets jealous at the idea that he might be interested in someone else.

Like Kaguya from Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Ao is an intelligent girl that sometimes overthinks things to the point of ridiculousness and is also pretty clueless about the simplest of things. She's a mature young woman on the outside, but is actually a pretty foolish child.

But what I especially like about Ao, and that made her stand out among many of the other characters from this year, are her very unique expressions. Like any other anime girl, Ao is cute with her bright colored hair and even cuter when she pouts or blushes, but I really love her blank, confused, and sad faces that really show off how she feels inside.

So if you're looking for an anime girl that is lost when it comes to love and has some pretty hilarious faces, Ao-chan is your girl! And if you're looking for an anime that you can binge through pretty quickly this Christmas, go ahead and check out Ao-chan Can't Study.

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