Sunday, May 19, 2019

5 Modern Classics in Anime

They are anime that you think everyone has seen...anime that leave an impact on an entire community of fans!

In his most recent video titled, "The Death of Classic Anime", Gigguk opened up a discussion within the anime community. I actually agree with a lot of Gigguk's points and observations, but I disagree with his conclusion that there are no more classic anime in this era of seasonal anime.

While the anime community does tend to jump pretty quickly from praising a show to forgetting its existence, there are a few shows that linger in the community and create a dedicated fanbase. Some of these anime can be called "cult classics", but I think in the past five years there are many anime that are definitely worthy of the title "classic".

I did not grow up as a fan of anime. I got into anime in 2015 and I have not seen a lot of anime that many consider to be classics. Cowboy Bebop, Serial Experiments Lain, Code Geass, and Neon Genesis Evangelion are classics that I have either not seen or only seen the first couple episodes. I will eventually watch those classics, but I am currently loving a lot of seasonal anime and some series that I consider to be modern classics.

Listed below, are just five anime that have come out in the past few years that I believe have made enough impact in the anime community to be considered modern classics.

Your Lie in April

When I think of anime that hit me in the feels, there are several series that come to mind. I am sure that everyone has a list of anime that made them cry. But I think almost everyone can agree that Your Lie in April really goes for the heart and can make you feel all sorts of emotions. Obviously, this anime looks and sounds beautiful, but it is also a series that is not easily forgotten. 


Every season, there is a show about cute girls doing cute things and every now and then there is an anime that is deceptively cute. What I mean is that the anime appears to be fun and bubbly but quickly becomes terrifying and horrible. There are many anime that come to mind that fit that description, but one that really stands out is School-Live! or Gakkou Gurashi! Not only does it have a great first episode with a shocking plot twist, but it also maintains that quality until the very end.


Just as much as there are shows about moe girls every season, there is always one or two isekai anime. At this point, almost everyone knows the tropes and cliches that are common to the isekai genre, but Konosuba really messes with that format. Konosuba takes everything that makes an isekai anime, and dials it up to 100 and turns it all into a joke. All the characters are awful people who really make things worse for themselves, but they're all still lovable characters that are recognizable to anyone in the anime community.


Re:Zero messes with the isekai fomat in a different way. Instead of dialing up the ridiculousness of isekai tropes, Re:Zero dials them down and makes it even harder for the main character to progress through the story. It's a story about a guy doing all that he can for a woman that he loves, but suffers a lot in the process. Re:Zero is a series that really hooks viewers into a world where it's a struggle to come out on top.

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Comedies are good for a quick laugh to forget about the hardships of reality. Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid is an anime with plenty of laughs while also reminding you of the warmth that can be found in reality. It is a story about a family and people from different background learning that they actually have a lot in common. Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid is one of the sweetest anime to come out in recent years and is a treasure to many.

Those are just a few anime that I think deserve to be called classics. Of course, I also think that an anime becomes a classic overtime and it's hard to say which series will still be relevant 10 to 20 years from now. 

But I am happy that Gigguk opened up this discussion to the anime community. So if you're like me and believe that there are many recent anime that deserve to be called classics, let me know. Tell me what anime you consider to be a classic.

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