Friday, February 22, 2019

Anime Recommendation: Anima Yell!

Finally! A decent "chair" anime!

Whoops! I meant "cheer" anime. Yes, Anima Yell! is an anime about a group of girls who put together a cheerleading club. As you'd expect, this is an anime with a bunch of cute girls doing cute things that will either make you laugh or just go, "Aw...that's cute."

I'm a fan of moe anime. If an anime has a cast of cute girls with bright colored hair that get into hilarious antics, I will probably watch and love it. However, I did not watch Anima Yell! when it came on the scene in the beginning of the last Fall season. Zombie Land Saga and Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai already provided me with plenty of anime girls to gush over.

I also wasn't too interested in Anima Yell! because it kinda looks similar to Comic GirlsWhile both Anima Yell! and Comic Girls have main characters that are small pink-haired anime girls, the two are very different series. Okay, they are both slice of life anime about a group of girls bonding over a shared passion, but they really are different, trust me.

Where Comic Girls is about a girl who learns to believe in herself and her abilities as a mangaka through the help of her friends, Anima Yell! is about a girl whose enthusiasm for cheerleading and helping others encourages others to be confident in themselves. 

I regret not watching this anime at the beginning of the season, but I'm happy that I did watch it from beginning to end.

Kohane Hatoya is the main girl of Anima Yell! and her positive attitude and willingness to help others are a part of her charm. While it may  sound like she's flawless and that there's no drama in this series, that's not true. Sure, there are no dramatic cliffhangers or shocking revelations, but there are obstacles that the characters have to overcome. 

For example, Kohane loves cheerleading but she's deathly afraid of heights and is uncomfortable with some of the stunts she has to perform as a cheerleader. As each of the girls is introduced, they all have some hangup that they need to resolve, usually as a result of Kohane's optimism.

Overall, Anima Yell! is a very light series that can tug at your heart through its cute girls or make you laugh because of their quirky personalities. It's definitely a fun series that I really adored. If you're like me and enjoy anime about cute girls doing cute things, I see no reason to avoid watching Anima Yell!

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