Monday, June 5, 2017

Why You Should Read "Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 1"

Wonder Woman just came out in theaters and it is amazing both fans and critics!

I predict that the Wonder Woman fanbase is only going to get larger from here on, so I have an exciting storyline to recommend for all of those new fans.

"Wonder Woman: Earth One" is a modern day retelling of the amazon princess's origin that was originally written during the early 1940's. It is also written by one of my favorite comic book writers, Grant Morrison, who I have noticed, really likes to bring these characters back to their roots.

The story opens with Queen Hippolyta and the Amazons rebelling and killing their captors: Hercules and his soldiers. This dramatic and powerful opening explains why there are no men on the Amazon's home of Paradise Island, and why men are not welcome.

Fast-forwarding three-thousand years, Wonder Woman, Pricess Diana, is on trial for running away from Paradise Island and entering the "world of man". The story is a series of flashbacks showing how Wonder Woman left the island and hew experiences in man's world. 

As a character, Wonder Woman is shown to be a rebellious girl who spends her time teasing and antagonizing her more content Amazon sisters. Diana wants more than the life she has been given by her mother, Queen Hippolyta, and she is curious about the world of man.

When US Air Force Captain Steve Trevor crashes onto the shores Paradise Island, Diana uses him as an excuse to leave her home and explore a world that has been made forbidden to her. Diana discovers that the outside world is full of misfortune and sickness. Besides being war-hungry, mankind demeans and abuses women, disgusting the once curious Diana.

However, Diana finds friendship in Elizabeth Candy and the Holliday girls of Beta Lambda Sorority. In fact, they're the ones who give Diana a makeover and provide her with the costume that most fans associate with Wonder Woman. 

"Wonder Woman: Earth One" is about Diana realizing that the world needs a Wonder Woman to save it from the evil of mankind. It is a story about self-discovery and finding purpose in a confusing and scary world. 

I also really need to talk about the art. Yanick Paquette creates beautiful art filled with beautiful cities and beautiful women. The panels can barely contain the images that Paquette has drawn and most of the time characters explode from the panels and take over entire pages.

I would definitely recommend "Wonder Woman: Earth One" for anyone looking for a fun Wonder Woman story, as well as to anyone who just loves good comic book stories. And if anyone appreciates really good art, definitely check this story out.

ISSUE: Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 1
 Writing   Art   Character Development   Overall Enjoyment 
9  10 9 10

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